Henk Langkemper Collection

Henk Langkemper

Henk Langkemper was born on November 20th, 1963, in Den Haag, Netherlands, where he still lives and works as an entrepreneur in the coffee machine sector. Henk's company ESW supplies machines, accessories, and coffee. But even more, Henk is spreading the history and culture of espresso coffee, and does so for over thirty years now.

His passion for vintage bar machines was manifested at the beginning of the nineties. When he went to work in Italy, he bought his first vintage espresso coffee machine which he found in the cellar of an old closed bar. His curiosity was then ignited, to see which other models had been produced over time. The hunt for new specimens, at flea markets and antique fairs throughout Europe and the world, started.

With interest, Henk increased his collection and it's meanwhile enriched with many different models. Some of which are extremely rare and valuable, such as the La Marzocco Rondine, of which only six are known to exist in the world. Or the Faema Nettune and Venus models, which are considered icons from the fifties, and of the history of espresso made in Italy.

For historical completeness, Henk Langkemper's collection is undoubtedly one of the top-five collections in the world, especially for lever system models.

Enrico Maltoni
Collector and Co-founder of the Mumac Museum in Milan

About the collection

30 years of collecting and searching for machines, grinders and other coffee related items around the world, resulted in the Henk Langkemper collection. With as main object the one group lever machine. You will find all Faema Models from 1948 – 1972, all La Marzocco models from 1951 till 1971 (except the MicroMarzocco). Some of the highlights are: the Faema Cold Record bar 1963, the La Marzocco Rondine 1953 and the Gaggia Internazionale 1956. The main brands: La Marzocco, Faema, Carimali, La San Marco, Rancilio, La Cimbali, La Dorio, Gaggia, La Pavoni.

Thanks to Enrico Maltoni

Officina Maltoni - The Maltoni Workshop

My passion for the coffee machines I have been collecting and restoring for 30 years now, and which led me to found MUMAC, the very first museum for espresso machines in the world, has further evolved with Officina Maltoni. This specialised workshop has been created in order to restore vintage Italian espresso machines used in coffee bars, produced between 1900 and 1960. I am working with Matteo and Matteo on this new undertaking in order to satisfy the requests of all those demanding collectors searching for the finest quality.

Thank you!
For all the help during many years!

My family, Elly, Danique, Demi and Bella
Enrico Maltoni, Italy
Fabian Schmidt, Germany
Paul Pratt, Hong Kong
Pascal Bourret, France
Kent Bakke, United States
Marcello Zanesi, Italy
Joe Lin, Taiwan
Marco Flores, Italy
Turriga Espresso, Germany
Enrico Wurm, Italy
Vintage Espresso Machines, The Netherlands
Espresso Vintage Passion, Italy

The Henk Langkemper Collection is owned by:
Henk Langkemper Holding B.V.
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The Netherlands
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